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Well Installation

The TriCap is new kind of well cap or plug made from post-consumer recycled plastic (i.e. plastic such as bottles and other waste returned for recycling) for sustainability.

The FTS TriCap provides:

  • Strong protection for your monitoring wells
  • Self locking option with a stainless steel security bolt, using a special key tool or alan key
  • Hanger cable holes on bottom end of shaft
  • Fully sustainable, made from recycled plastic waste
  • Wide rubber ring provides a water tight seal
  • Gas Extraction version available
  • Unique version for water level logging devices also available, see details below
  • Now also available in orange
TriCap ID Tags: Use a key ring through the padlock hole for a great Well ID tag, see pic above.  

Orange TriCap: The TriCap is now available in bright orange. The top and spingle are virgin material while the base is 100% recycled (black).


The Tricap is currently only available to suit 50mm monitoring wells. However we stock other well caps in 25mm and 100mm sizes. These are also made from recycled plastic. See Ordering Information below for details.

The TriCap is made from recycled plastic and enables a groundwater monitoring or a gas well to be sealed and locked. Operation of the TriCap is by turning the wing-nut topped shaft, during which the black rubber seal expands and pushes against the inner wall of the monitoring well casing, and gripping tight to form a seal.
There are three features of the TriCap that combined in one well plug make it unique:

1) Lockable: It can be locked in place with a padlock to restrict the turning of the wing nutted shaft, so it cannot be unscrewed and removed. Or it can locked in place with the stainless steel security bolt provided, which restricts the turning of the wing nutted shaft, allowing the plug to be locked in place without a padlock. A 4.8mm allen key (3/16") or FTS Safety Lifter is required to unlock or lock the TriCap in place by removing or tightening the bolt.
Download TriCapS Brochure

2) Gas Extraction: The TriCap-GAS has a quick connect gas fitting and dust cap installed in the top. This enables gas in the well to be withdrawn and sampled with a gas instrument or sample taken with a suitable pump without removing the TriCap. When set up in this configuration, the Tri-Cap can also be locked in place with a padlock or by using a unique security screw or both for extra security. The TriCap has a partially hollow shaft that intersects a horizontal side hole near the bottom. This allows the bore gas to be drawn in through the side hole and out the top. The side hole also serves to hang sampling or monitoring devices off the bottom of the cap while at the same time gas samples can be taken out through the bored out shaft and out the gas quick connect fitting.
Download TriCap-GAS Brochure

3) Vented for Loggers: The TriCap-LOG has been specifically designed for use with submersible groundwater level logging devices. Just like the TriCap-GAS, the hollow shaft intersects a horizontal side hole through the shaft near the bottom. An elbow fitting installed in the top enables the well to be vented to the atmosphere. Optional vent tubing allows the vent port to be raised up above any surface water to prevent it from flowing into the well through the vent. A stainless spring clip is also provided for easy logger attachment.
Download TriCap Log Brochure

TriCap Log with optional vent tubing, allows the vent port to be raised and prevents surface water flowing into the well through the vent

TriCap-S Standard TriCap, 50mm wells, optional self-locking or padlockable
TriCap-SOr Orange Standard TriCap, 50mm wells, optional self-locking or padlockable
TriCap-GAS TriCap for gas extraction, 50mm wells
TriCap-GQC Female quick-connect fitting for the TriCap-GAS
TriCap-LOG TriCap for logging devices, 50mm wells, vented, ss spring clip
WC100Grn Well cap for 100mm casing (4"), recycled plastic
WC100GAS Gas cap for 100mm casing (4") , recycled. plastic, gas extraction fitting with dust cap
WC25 Well cap for 25mm casing (1"), recycled plastic
WC25Gas Gas cap for 25mm casing (1") recycled plastic, gas extraction fitting with dust cap