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255 LEVEL - Low Cost, High Accuracy

The new TruBlue™ 255 logger is a low cost, non-vented logger which does not compromise on accuracy, and reliability. Available in 316 stainless steel or titanium for the harshest groundwater environments.

The TruBlue™ 255 Level water level data logger features a 0.05% TEB (Total Error Band) accuracy for precise water level measurement and a vertical accuracy error of less than one cm in up to 10 meters H2O. Standard internal memory of 8MB and a 10 year battery life insures a long field life. Optional 56MB memory and auxiliary battery pack allow the TruBlue™ 255 level to measure water levels at 4Hz for up to 14 days for rapid sampling applications, such as, wave height studies and storm surge monitoring.


  • Level Accuracy of ±0.05% FS TEB
  • Calibration report included with each instrument
  • <1 cm accuracy error up to 10m H2O
  • Standard 8 MB internal memory for up to 550,000 data points
  • Optional 56 MB internal memory for up to 3.7 million data points
  • Auxiliary battery pack available for rapid sampling
  • Free user-friendly TruWare™ software for PC or mobile 
  • High-speed data extraction 

Download Level 255 Brochure

*Accuracy is stated as total error band (TEB). This includes the combined errors due to non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability and thermal effects.

TruBlue 255 LEVEL: Accuracy, Precision and Stability:

The TruBlue™ 255 LEVEL and 275 BARO data loggers provide outstanding accuracy over their operating temperature range. Other data level loggers state accuracy at fixed temperatures but field applications, inventory and transportation temperature conditions can vary significantly, potentially inducing hysteresis. Each TruBlue™ unit is thoroughly tested and ships with a 48 point (8 pressure points at 6 temperatures) calibration report.

8MB Memory 56MB Memory Material Range (PSI) Range (Metres)
255-00320 255-70320 SS 22 0-5.1m
255-00330 255-70330 Titanium 22 0-5.1m
255-00420 255-70420 SS 30 0-10.8m
255-00430 255-70430 Titanium 30 0-10.8m
255-00520 255-70520 SS 50 0-24.8m
255-00530 255-70530 Titanium 50 0-24.8m
255-00620 255-70620 SS 100 0-60m
255-00630 255-70630 Titanium 100 0-60m
255-00720 255-70720 SS 125 0-77.6m
255-00730 255-70730 Titanium 125 0-77.6m
255-00820 255-70820 SS 300 0-200.6m
255-00830 255-70830 Titanium 300 0-200.6m