Bioremediation Products:

Fieldtech Solutions is proud to represent EOS Remediation in Australia.
EOS Remediation is the leading provider of bioremediation products that re-engineer the groundwater environment, transforming contaminants into non-toxic end products. EOS Remediation's products are ecologically sustainable (USDA Certified BioPreferred Products), and cost-effective with proven results. Most of these products are being manufactured locally here in Australia. Their diverse family of products, driven by extensive research and development, are available to meet a variety of project needs.

  Electron Acceptors:
Electron acceptor products offer solutions for both aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation designs.  A variety of non-chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum products and related compounds can be treated using these safe, injectable materials.


An aqueous sulfate solution that takes advantage of pre-existing anaerobic conditions to promote degradation.


A powder or slurry that provides slow, steady oxygen supply for long-term aerobic biodegradation.

Emulsified and Water Mixable Oils Family:
Emulsified oil products are engineered to optimize subsurface conditions that promote anaerobic bioremediation.  EOS® technologies are suitable for remediating chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, energetics and oxidized metals.
The emulsified oils are part of the USDA BioPreferred Program.  To achieve certification with the USDA BioPreferred Program, one of the components for bioremediation materials is to have at least 86% biobased content in the product.  Each of these emulsified oil substrates exceed this standard.


Specialized blend of organic substrates, nutrients and vitamins optimizes degradation (formerly 598B42).


The only pH neutral low salt emulsion available in the marketplace.


Mitigates groundwater impact from residual contaminants in the unsaturated (vadose) zone.


Offers an extra-extended release substrate to address matrix diffusion for 10 to 20 years.

EOS 450

Serves as a basic support for sites with established microbial communities, while maximizing substrate value.

EOS 100

Water-mixable organic substrate excellent for barrier applications and high velocity aquifers.
  Colloidal Buffers Family:
Colloidal Buffer products are designed to increase the pH in the contaminated aquifers.


Combines the benefits of EOS® emulsified oil products with pH adjustment to promote anaerobic bioremediation.


Provides safe and long-lasting adjustment of acidic pH to neutral pH to promote bioactivity and metals immobilization.


(Under development ) Will generate high pH for rapid and complete hydrolysis of explosives. No product sheet currently available.
  Bioaugmentation Cultures & Media:
Bioremediation cultures are a low-cost way to optimize and increase microbial activity.  For treatment of chlorinated solvents, cultures can be injected directly into the aquifer or applied to onsite bioreactors.  Custom cultures are also available.


A microbial consortium of Dehalococcoides sp. enriched to degrade PCE and TCE completely to ethene.


A microbial consortium of several dechlorinating bacteria enriched to biodegrade chlorinated ethanes, carbon tetrachloride and chloroform.


For more information about any of the EOS Remediation products, please email us at or call 03 9676 9664