Recycled Plastic:


- For long-term / reusable use



The Tricap is a new unique well cap, made from recycled black plastic and available as lockable, vented for a groundwater logger, or with a gas extraction fitting.

Standpipe Cover

These stylish upright covers give your well a professional finish. Made from post consumer recycled plastic for sustainability.

Eco Nondo Well Cover

Recycled plastic and Traffic Rated. The Nondo series covers have bolt holes outside the oring, and recycled plastic covers cost less than steel.

FlexiPoint 50

Pointed push-in end cap for 50mm PVC screen. Made from recycled plastic


Landfill-Biodegradable Plastic:



These are disposable products normally for single use. For more information about landfill-biodegradable technology, please see here.


Sustainable Soil Sampling! These tough liners are made landfill biodegradable.


Biodegradable Bailers for groundwater sampling.


Biodegradable tubing for low-flow groundwater sampling.

AquaPore - Biodegradable

High capacity 0.45u inline filter, and landfill biodegradable. A world first!

Green-Dex Nitrile Gloves
The world's first biodegradable nitrile gloves

Biodegradable Bladders
These concertina style pump bladders are designed for low-flow groundwater sampling and are biodegradable.


Bio-Gone Product Range:


Bio-Gone is a trademark of Fieldtech Solutions. Bio-Gone branded products are disposable plastic products which are landfill-biodegradable. Please see the Bio-Gone website for landfill-biodegradable products such as:

  • Dog waste bags
  • Stretch Film for pallet wrapping
  • Adhesive packing tape
  • Zip-lock bags
  • Plastic Jars
  • Nitrile gloves